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Use Your Imagination
To Find Success
Visualize what you want.
See it, Feel it, Believe in it.
Your mind is a mental workshop.
You can build anything in it.
Make your mental blueprint,
And begin to build.
The beginning is in your imagination;
First think,
Then organize your thoughts into plans
Then transform your thoughts into reality
By taking some positive action.
Use your imagination to perceive your reality,
Even when it is not fully materialized.
You must first see it clearly in your mind
Before you can do
Don’t Let Yourself Down
Do people let you down
And they push you around
And you feel you have had enough
Don’t give up you have got to be tough
I know how you feel
You are hurting still
I used to feel that way
But I put those thoughts away
Don’t let yourself down
Don’t let people push you around
You have to be strong
And forget ‘cause life carries on
I Know it will take some time
But your time will come to shine
Just have faith in all you do
And you will make it through
Do what you want to do
Don’t care about what people tell you
Don’t take anything from them
Just go through life without them
Believe in yourself
Have faith in yourself
Care about yourself
But most of all love yourself

Poetry was, is and continues to be the treasure house of literature.