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Fail is to treasure

To Fail Is To Treasure
Losing has changed my life in a big way
Through all the grief I have found a better me
I look at life so very differently now
Realizing how precious each day is
Knowing I have been made stronger
Because of all the curves life has given me
I’ve learned to find time for myself
How to be strong for other people.
And when to submit to my own weak moments
without guilt, without wallowing in self pity.
I’ve learned to control my fear,
respect my emotions,
roll with the blows
and not sweat the small stuff
Yes, I’m certain to fall again, lose again
But I will pull myself back up
and arise from that fall
But most of all I have learned
Not to take life and loved ones for granted
The breath of life is so delicate
so uncertain
As long as I inhale the breath of life
I will choose not to just exist
but will be passionate in living
I will share my smile with others, my laughter,
my tears, my love
Simply put, I will LIVE
I will inhale the passion of life and taste it
For tomorrow life may pass away.

Adversity prompts innovation.