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Change your point of view, get a new vision.

Attempt The Impossible

Attempt the impossible and in so doing you will
Discover that it is possible, the only reason why
It was not possible before was because no one
Before you dared to find a solution

Attempt the impossible make it reveal what
You must do to make it possible
Change your point of view get a new vision
And attack it from a different angle

Attempt the impossible remember the Wright Brothers
Christopher Columbus and Gugliemo Marconi
The man who is responsible for radio
From people like them take example

Attempt the impossible step beyond the common
And the familiar be the first to open a new door
Enter and explore horizon which others believe
is too far

Attempt the impossible become a discoverer
A champion a pioneer a hero a shining star
Be an exemplar dare to venture into the unknown
Attempt the impossible

There secret of happiness is knowing that there are some things we can control and some things we cannot.