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Game Of Life

The game of life
The greatest game is the game of life,
I would hate to end mine with a knife.
Though it is very long, it has to end one day,
It is a game neither easy,
nor difficult which everyone has to play.

You may have some failures,
but if you stand firmly on your sole,
And remain struggling forever,
you are bound to achieve your goal.

If you decide for once and for all,
do not look back again,
And if you shirk duties forever,
you will have simply no gain.

As you grow older and older,
the game becomes more tough,
If you want to survive in this world,
you have to become rough.

If you remain scared of life,
you will get a crushing blow,
But if you face hard times coolly,
you will earn a respectful bow.

If you continue with hard work,
and use when needed, strife,
You will succeed and become
champion in the game of life!


We can do anything we want to, if we stick to it long enough.