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You gave me wings

As a young tot,
without care or concern
I lived within a family
that was ever so strong
A family with love
A family with care
A family that I knew
would always be there
I still recall the good old days
With Dad on the road
And Mom home to stay
Dad calling each night just to say,
“I’m working hard and will be
home in a few days”
Always to end with “I love you all”
Mom with the handle of doing
all the motherly things
The housework, the meals,
and bandaging a scraped knee
My sisters and I, never to fear,
that a hug and a kiss would always be there.
As a young tot, I never knew
Just what the job was that
Mom and Dad had to do.
But I did know, without a doubt
That I was always loved, I was cared for
And my Mom and Dad
would always be there.
As I grew older, things started to change
I learned how to sew and cook a few meals
A sense of responsibility and
what it meant to share
Maturing was tough,
especially those teenage years
As I had choices to make and
do things as far as I dare
The wonderful thing about those years
Was that a foundation was being built
A structure of sorts, where the choices were mine
And I would have to sort my choices out.
As I matured, got married and had kids
The job of parenting became
much clearer to me
The magic of love, of caring,
of worry, and fear
All became one bundle of happiness for me.
It became natural,
almost an instinctive nature
To love, to give and to always be there
My kids became my life, always on my mind
Just like my parents, it has to be
They gave me the power of parenting
Today I know, without a doubt
My structure, my thoughts,
my sense of responsibility
My strengths, my weaknesses,
my individuality
The love in my heart,
the ability to support and share
Came because my parents were always there
All these wonderful things
Are because, Mom and Dad
You gave me wings.

Poetry was, is and continues to be the treasure house of literature.