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[ A few lines from my Diary 2004 ]
We landed in San Francisco on June 7, 2004 and spent a week in Santa Clara, CA associating with our dear Annu, Sreena and Sreena's beloved parents Mr. & Mrs. Gopinath Bandari. Our son Ajay and Our Ranamma had joined us from Seattle at AnnuSree's home, 3 days after our arrival from our native land, India. We all planned and visited Disney Land, Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Sea world at San Diego. We all enjoyed our trip very much and then we came back to Santa Clara, California and spent couple of more days enjoying the company of one another. After that my beloved wife Vijayalakshmi, our Ranamma, Ajay Naana and I came to our sweet home at Redmond Ridge, Seattle. On June 26, 2004, our sweet Vikram Naana and his beloved mummy, our Peddakonda, have joined us from Edmonton, Canada. On July 7, 2004 our sweet Vikram Nana’s beloved dad Mr. Kamalesh Babu also joined us. Our Chinnakonda also joined us on July 4, 2004 and we all enjoyed company of each other and especially the company of dear our Vikram Naana until July 10.

During our Family Reunion, we exchanged our rich experiences. We enjoyed walking tours during early mornings and in the evenings in the Redmond Ridge neighbourhood. The weather was pleasant during that time with cool breeze blowing over trees and across beautiful lawns. My wife Vijayalakshmi and I felt very happy with our children's association. We are happy to visit this dream land, North America. Thanks to our sweet children for their work and their stay here and for their invitation to us, their loving parents, once a year or once every alternate year.

- Somayya Kasani
- Vijayalaksmi Kasani

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